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Transport your equipment safely with Kalstein

Generating health in a hospital through the efficiency of its medical equipment implies taking care of, protecting and maintaining in good operating condition of its investment in medical technology. This is why care during the transfer of medical equipment is extremely important.


Kalstein not only offers quality equipment, but also the complete transfer of the equipment to its final destination. We have the perfect combination of engineering and science to give you the best service in equipment.


It avoids being the victim of bad treatment in the relocation of your Kalstein equipment, allowing the company itself to take care of it.  The maintenance of all machinery, equipment, devices and instruments in a hospital should be based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance standards.


The basic care of machines in a hospital is not usually followed with the rigour with which it is done in the industry. It is common to see that in order to get up and running quickly they accelerate the time and process of moving equipment, increasing the danger of an unexpected failure.


Don’t leave your equipment to chance, if you invest in Kalstein you will have the quality of your service guaranteed. Counting always with the transfers that guarantee its good functioning.